Gut Health Dietitians

Louisa Stephens

Louisa Stephens

Louisa Stephens (MDietSc. BHlthSc.) is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and nutritionist registered with the Dietitians’ Association Australia. Louisa is an IBS Specialist Dietitian and director of Nutrition Wisdom. She has completed a Bachelor of Health Science and a Masters in Dietetics at the University of Queensland. She founded Nutrition Wisdom in 2016 with a vision to provide high-quality health and nutrition counselling to clients.

Louisa’s areas of experience include digestive health conditions including IBS, food intolerances, Coeliac Disease IBD, diverticular disease. Louisa specialises in gut health and is passionate about how our microbiome (gut bacteria) can influence our health. She currently works alongside Gastroenterologists throughout Brisbane and Ipswich. She also provides nutrition services for women’s health, fertility, pregnancy, PCOS and Endometriosis.

Louisa has completed additional training in:
  • Monash University Health Professional FODMAP course
  • Nutrition Plus Nutrition for Fertility and Pregnancy
  • Microba Health Professional Training
  • PCOS Training Course for RDNs

Louisa is a member of the following groups and associations:

  • Member of Coeliac Society Queensland.
  • Member of Crohn’s and Colitis
  • Associate member of Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.
Louisa is available for face-to-face appointments in Taringa, Spring Hill and Ipswich. She is also available for Zoom and phone appointments.
Madison Noon

Madison Noon

Madison (AKA Maddy) is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and member of the Dietitians’ Association of Australia. She completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition) at the Queensland University of Technology in 2015 and then completed her Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics in 2018.

Maddy trained at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane on the Gastroenterology and Oncology wards prior to commencing a full-time position at The Queensland Centre for Digestive Medicine where she worked alongside three gastroenterologists in private practice and a number of other specialists on the medical, surgical and mental health wards at St Andrew’s Private Hospital in Toowoomba. Madison’s areas of experience include digestive health conditions including IBD, diverticular disease, IBS, food intolerances, Coeliac Disease. She also has experience in weight loss surgery, PCOS, Endometriosis, nutrition support, weight management, Chronic Disease & a special interest in Type 2 Diabetes management. She has worked with a number of NDIS & DVA clients.

Maddy has completed extra training in:
  • Bariatric Surgery Nutrition in Practice
  • Psychology of eating, weight management, body image
  • Monash University Health professional FODMAP course and Nutrition
  • Low Carbohydrate for Diabetes Management
Madison has a special interest in helping patients build a positive relationship with food and themselves. She is passionate about whole-person health which considers a range of non-diet factors that can impact our health such as stress, sleep and mental health. This allows her to support you in making realistic and sustainable changes to your diet through practical and individualised recommendations.
Maddy is available for face-to-face appointments in Taringa, Clayfield and Seven Hills. She is also available for Zoom and phone appointments.
Juhi Bhambhaney

Juhi Bhambhaney

Juhi Bhambhaney is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and Nutritionist. She has completed a Bachelor of Food Science from the University of Melbourne and Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sydney.

Juhi has a specialist interest in weight management, insulin resistance, PCOS and gut health. She is an experienced food intolerance dietitian and is passionate about helping clients find their food triggers and reduce their symptoms. Juhi has worked alongside gastroenterologists throughout Sydney and has experience managing conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, coeliac disease and food chemical intolerance. .  Her approach is holistic and she does not believe in short-term or restrictive diets. She is passionate about improving the quality of life of her clients. She does a thorough assessment based on which she develops an individualised management plan for each of her clients. She also helps her clients achieve their weight loss goals while maintaining a healthy relationship with food and optimum gut health.

Juhi has completed the following certifications;

  • Nestle Optifast Very Low-Calorie Diets
  • Monash University FODMAP Dietitian Training

Juhi is a published writer featuring in magazines such as the YMCA Healthy Living Magazine and the House of Wellness Magazine. She has also appeared for radio programs and been part of panels talking about wellness with other health professionals. In her free time, she likes to post relevant nutrition content on her Instagram account ‘soulfulldietitian’. Feel free to message her on Instagram.

Juhi is available for telehealth consults.


Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

What to complete before your appointment

Once you have made an appointment, we will send you a new patient form which we will get you to fill in online before your first appointment.

What to bring on the day

Please bring any referrals from your doctors and any relevant blood tests you have had done with you to your appointment.  It is always helpful when patients bring a list of any medications or supplements they are taking as well as a food diary for the past 3-7 days.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

Dietitian Referrals

No, Dietitians do not require referrals from doctors. However, if your doctor has referred you, please bring this paperwork with you.

How many appointments will I need?

This will depend on your nutrition assessment and what you require support with. At your initial appointment, your dietitian will give you an  guide as to how often you will need to be reviewed. For digestive issues and food intolerances, please allow at least 3 visits.

Do you do allergy testing?

Food Allergy Testing

Allergy testing must be conducted by a medical doctor or practice nurse so as Dietitians, we are unable to perform these tests. The Dietitians at Nutrition Wisdom do not perform allergy blood or skin prick tests however they can help you to manage any food allergy you have been diagnosed with.

How much does it cost?

Appointment Fees

Initial Assessment 45mins $160
Concession card/pension card holders $140
Review Assessment 30min $90
Concession card/pension card holders $80

We have a Hicaps terminal facility available at each of our clinic locations. Therefore we are able to offer private health fund rebates at the time of your appointment.

Do you see children?

Children’s Appointments

We see children for general nutrition issues such as introduction of solid foods, weight management and food allergies and intolerances.