Picky eaters and problem feeders

You children's health matters but some things can get in the way. Does your child struggle with certain smells, textures or tastes? Are meal times in your household a battlefield? If you feel like you have a picky eater or a problem feeder, we can help. Louisa has completed training with the SOS Approach to Feeding and can provide you with strategies to reduce meal time resistance.

Introduction of solid foods

Are you looking for guidance of what foods your child should be eating and when? We can provide you with the tools you need to safely introduce new foods to your growing child. The “first 1000 days” refers to a period of growth and development spanning from when a child is conceived through until their second birthday. What children eat during the first 1000 days has an impact on their neurological development. Have you heard of the saying “what you eat at age 4 is what you eat at age 40”? Studies have shown that children develop taste preferences by the age of 4. It is therefore important that we optimise children’s diets to be the healthiest they can be so they have a solid food foundation to build upon.

Optimal weight gain and growth

There are certain nutrients in our diet that are important for a healthy egg production and sperm production. If you’re currently undergoing fertility treatment, or would like a nutrition assessment before you start trying for a baby, our dietitian can help you to optimise your diet during this time

“As we evolve and change so do our needs from our food.”


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